Monday, March 16, 2009

Internet Issues

So for about the last week we haven't had Internet in our Peace Corps office here. I thought there was just something wrong with the password or modem, but it turned out that the bill hadn't been paid since last August!! And, typical of Tonga, no warnings were sent out, nothing was done for a long time. I got on the phone to talk to our financial person at Peace Corps, and instead somehow got through to the country director! He's always nice to talk to and was very interested to hear how things were going for me at the computer training center (I'll be posting about my jobs soon). And it turns out that the company here had been sending the bills to the Ha'apai office - there is no administrative office or staff here. So within 15 minutes it was taken care of and paid, and the Internet employees here even turned it back on right away. I was totally amazed at how fast it all worked out compared to how things normally go. So it just goes to show that you never really know. But we still have issues with our phone line, hopefully it will also get sorted out soon.

Tomorrow is St. Patty's day and we're having a crazy hats party at Mariners restaurant.

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