Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cyclone rene update

Just a quick update, we've talked with friends from our island group of Ha'apai and it seems they were very lucky and there is minimal damage to trees and buildings and no injuries or deaths as of yet. Amazingly they already have power back, we were able to skype with some friends tonight, and they're just waiting for water to be turned back on. Some of the bigger trees were knocked over, and a few tin roofs blown away. Altogether I think our peace corps friends waited out the storm in a small house for three nights or so. So we're thankful that everyone is safe and there was minimal damage. Now we know what it's like to be on this side of the world waiting out the storm to see what happens. We're still adjusting to life here, missing Tonga but thankful to be here with family and friends and figuring out job possibilities (Brett has started substitute teaching and I'm doing some freelance advertising work from home). So that's all, check our other PC Tonga friends' blogs for updates.


Todd said...

It was great to talk to you guys the other day on the phone. You're lucky you got out of here in time and missed the storm. The huge tree behind your house with the hammock fell into the water. We're lucky the storm wasn't coming from the other direction or the tree would have fallen on all of the fisheries houses. Hope you are doing well back in the states.


Jane said...

Great blog! Love hearing from you more. I am Jane from Philippines, a postcard enthusiast and love learning the different cultures, languages and norms. I have a Postcard Project called “Postcard 100″ Would love you to participate. Hugs Jane


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