Friday, June 6, 2008

A new placement officer?!?

So we waited a whole month with no news from our placement officer, and on Monday 6/2 we emailed her a quick update and I was shocked to get an auto-reply email back saying that as of 5/2 she was no longer working in the placement office!!! So for the whole last month our file was probably just shuffled off to someone else and just sitting there! I wish they would've told us that she had quit.

We emailed the couple of people listed in her email, and heard back on 6/3 that they wanted an updated resume and any other new experience updates, and that they would then do a final assessment of our legal, technical and suitability and should hear in 2 - 3 weeks from their office - which we've heard before from our first placement officer!! So it feels like the whole placement process is just started all over again, when we've been waiting since 4/14!! I guess that's government agencies though, very slow. Hopefully we'll hear from them by the end of June.

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