Tuesday, July 8, 2008

another month

So we've waited another month, emailed the assistant placement officer again, and heard that they're prioritizing Aug. and Sept. invites right now and we should hear in about 4 - 6 weeks. I guess I wasn't that surprised, we've been waiting this long what's another month.

But it will be nice to know where we'll be living so we can start getting ready! Hopefully by the end of July we'll know. Everyone keeps asking, so it will be nice to finally have an answer.

We've actually been doing a lot so far this summer, every weekend this whole summer we'll be in a different city! Here's how our summer goes - Mankato, Jay Cook state park, South Dakota, Red Wing, Detroit Lakes cabin, Aspen CO, home, boundary waters canoeing, Moorhead, Itasca state park, Avon/St. Cloud, then home again. Wow, we're busy seeing family and with weddings!

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Anonymous said...

omg ... i just saw your blog on the Peace Corps web site ... i have been living the same nightmare .. waiting for my October assignment to the South Pacific ... for me it has been since January ... what's driving me Krazzzy is that i'm a home owner and i have a million things to get ready ... ie: renting my house ... but i can't do a thing until i know where and when i'm going ... hey email me
jetmandlite@hotmail.com ...i'll look forward to hearing from you .. all the best ..peter smith