Monday, October 6, 2008

Leaving tomorrow!

We leave tomorrow for LA, then on to Tonga! Brett's parents were in town all weekend, and we saw a lot of our friends, said all our goodbyes and are ready to go! And it looks like we will have some kind of internet access during all of training and while we're there, so friends and family please do keep in touch!

We're leaving at the perfect time, it's starting to get colder here, even down in the 40s at night. Brett made his first post, we'll try to sign our names so you know who's writing.

Nofo 'a USA!!



jesse erhardt said...

Hey Kate! Hope things went well with the move to Tonga. Kudos on joining the Peace Corps. Hope life there is stellar. Living in the South Pacific is like a faraway dream compared to NoDak.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate and Brett,

A great last few weeks having you both with us and Brett's folks for the last weekend!

Can't wait to come and see you both and experience the culture and environment of Tonga.

holly "herb" neuharth said...

you should be flying from l.a. to tonga right now!!!! not sure what hour of the 22 though. :) i've been thinking a lot about you two this week. and prayin' for "easier" goodbyes and comfort and safe travel. i miss you! i closer to you in tonga than everyone else back home?!? haha - i think so!

love, herb.

Paula said...

Hey Kate & Brett,
I made it to your blog, I like it, it's very organized. I was just thinking how I could really use an extra day and wish it was yesterday, so I could have 1 more day until the weekend. I can't wait to hear about Tonga and see pics and make sure you survived the ferry ride.