Saturday, October 4, 2008

Voting and Selling

So today we drove down to St. Paul and voted early since we will not be in the US on November 4th. It was quite an experience, we didn't have the correct address information to register and they were going to turn us away from voting but then I turned on my political charm and made sure they were aware that it is illegal to not allow someone to vote. Never the less we were able to vote and I was able to take part in my job as a citizen of this great country.

We also sold our car yesterday and the people who bought it are stopping by tomorrow to get the title and pay us. The couple is buying this $7,000 car for their 16 year old daughter.....spoiled I think, my first car was a gift from my parents and it was probally worth $500 at the most. Anyways, we got the car sold and that makes 2 cars sold now and we have gotten rid of everything we need to in order to not have anything sitting around while we are gone.

We will be leaving from LA in 3 days and it is getting close, we are both nervious and excited and can't wait to start our adventure over in Tonga.

The first week we arrive in Tonga we will be in the capital city and will have good internet access for email and skype, but after that we will be on an outer island for 6 weeks with possibly no access to internet, so if you email us during the first 2 months and don't hear from us, were not avoiding you, we just don't have access to our email. But please feel free to email and let us know what is going on in the US and whats new with you.


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Trenton Payne said...

Just thought I would let you know, you will have some access to Internet while in training. It will be slow, and you will most likely have to travel to get to it, but it is there. Looking forward to your arrival in a few days.