Friday, November 7, 2008

another weekend!

We made it to town this afternoon, we only had a half-day of language class this morning under the mango tree like usual. We got a ride into town, and will probably taxi back. They have really good sandwiches we had for lunch here at the market and we're at the little internet cafe now with a few others from our village and the other villages.

We were so happy about the election results earlier this week, that Obama won! It was really cool watching it with the group of PC's here, everyone cheered and clapped when they announced he won and during his speech. Then a bunch of the PC's jumped into the harbour afterwards, I didn't want to get my clothes all wet.

Last night Brett played basketball again at the morman church with some other PC's in our village and the next village over that walked over. I walked up with Katie and Bronzie to Enieo beach and the overlook above the lagoon and open ocean that's really pretty. Our family always asks what we want for lunch and dinner, but we never know what to tell them really since we don't know what they have all the time. We had a soupy bowl again of some kind of meat and veggies last night, and salad - lettuce and tomatoes. And of course pinneaples. And last night we woke up to really loud pouring rain, it's starting to get more into the rainy season here.

We're excited for the boat ride and snorkeling tomorrow! Then next week I have a few days of business attachments to a store that caters to foreigners/yachties, and a hotel/restaurant that brings in a lot of foreigners and wants to improve their international marketing. And Brett will be going to an outer island for a day here in Vava'u to see what it's like at the school there. And on next Sat. they'll announce our site placements for the next two years!

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manymyrms said...

Boy oh Boy! what a lot of experiences you have had already!The pictures are wonderful. The colors look too good to be true. Do the flowers smell as terrific as they look?
I hope Brett is able to stay well. We take our medical services so for granted, amazing what is expected from the family elsewhere in the world.
I can't wait to hear about where you will be for the two years.
Have a great week!