Friday, November 14, 2008

Limited Internet

I only have 15 minutes right now to be online, before we have to meet back at a store nearby to go back to our villages. For business we just did presentations to the local businesses we visited in groups, mine was a really nice hotel with views of the ocean on both sides of the island and a store that caters to the yachties. We tried to hurry through the last one to get a few minutes for the internet cafe!

Things are going well, it's been hot and raining off and on lately. Tomorrow is site announcement, we'll find out where we'll be living the next two years. They did final interviews with us this week after handing out a sheet listing all the available sites, which they haven't done with groups before. So we were able to look through all the jobs and locations and rate our top three choices which was really nice! There are two sites that we'd both be happy with, one in Ha'apai and one in Tongatapu, both in the main cities on the island groups. We'll find out tomorrow at 9:00 am!! Then most of us are going on a boat ride (it got rescheduled, last saturday it rained all day!), we'll go to a few caves and a spot for snorkeling. We have a language test today right after lunch.

I hear it's cold and snowing back home in MN! Enjoy the cold weather, it's just getting hotter here! We're excited to be getting a little closer to the end of training, it will be nice to get to our site and be able to cook for ourselves using more flavor/spices, everything is really bland that they cook here. And to be able to do our own laundry, and figure out our own schedule.

Thanks for the comments on here, we'll post as soon as we can once we find out our site tomorrow!

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Hey Katie and Brett:

It is so much fun to read about your adventures and see your pictures. We are glad you are feeling better Brett!

No more diving in deep caves Brett! You are scaring your Aunt!

Love to you!

Aunt Dee