Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Family has Arrived!!

My parents and sister got here to Ha'apai, Tonga on Thursday, basically on their own private jet (they were on the smallest plane to Ha'apai, it was just them and the pilot and my dad got to sit co-pilot). We greeted them with flower leis, and have been relaxing, catching up and hanging out at our place, and at the island south of us at a really nice resort. Today we got them all dressed up in the Tongan styles for church, and tomorrow we're going out on a boat snorkeling. More to come later, we'll be leaving this week for a couple weeks vacation with them in New Zealand so we probably won't post again until after that trip.


Anonymous said...

That is so awesome your family is there visiting! Hope you have a great time showing them around and enjoying NZ:) Karen and Scot

Anonymous said...

Last winter I promised to be better in posting a note to you guys. Here it is June and I haven't written before now. Go figure! I noticed your family is visiting. That is great. I am sure you were ready to see someone from home. I know you are having a wonderful time together. We spent last week end in Minneapolis. Paul finished [finally] school last fall and Sally wanted to have a party to celebrate. They decided to wait until warmer weather so they could be outside. It was a huge success. They have so many friends and business associates. I know there were over 100 people there. Paul had the yard looking great and the garage was spotless. Many were asking when he was getting his MBA. He told them it only took 17 years for him to finish his undergraduate so "don't expect anything soon". Now we are planning Olaf's 70th birthday party. I can't believe we are this old. I guess it is better than the alternative. We are hoping to get together with Meghan before she leaves for Korea. Your family gives a new meaning of "coast to coast". You are adventuresome. I tried to get Olaf to move to Hawaii for a year after we were married. I couldn't convince him. Really, I do plan to do a better job of sending you a note more frequently. Take care. Olaf and Dianne