Thursday, August 21, 2008

Official Peace Corps invite

We're going to Tonga in the south pacific!!!

After work on Monday there was a fedex slip to pick up our invite at 7:30, but the fedex location they listed closed at 7:30. So we got take-out vietnamese food and ate it in the parking lot at fedex waiting for the truck to get in with our envelope. It was a huge relief after a year-long application process, finally knowing where and when we're going.

We leave on Oct. 7th for 2 days of staging (probably in LA), then leave Oct. 9th and are in training until Dec. 17th in Tonga! Brett will be a community educator, teaching in a school and I will be a business advisor/educator either working with the government, a non-profit, or a school.

We're so excited! We both gave notice at work on Tues, we'll be done at the beginning of Sept.


peter said...

i accepted 2day ....c/u in LA & on 2 Tonga ... peter

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate and Brett,

My husband and I will also be going to Tonga in Oct! We are super excited! I'm on facebook--Katie Barge Michels.

See you soon!