Saturday, August 30, 2008

Satellite Images

It's a slow Friday at work, so I downloaded some images from Google Earth of Tonga. The first shows the location if you're geographically challenged like most people are on islands in the South Pacific. The next is a view of one of the islands in the Ha'apai group, and the last is of Vava'u. It sounds like group 74 to Tonga (our group) will be on a lot of the more remote outer islands so we could be in one of these two island groups.

Only 2 more days left of work for me now, and Brett's actually working from home for 2 days next week. He can't get into St. Paul because he's not on "the list" of people allowed in for work, they're having the Republican party convention in St. Paul next week and security's gonna be really tight.

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jetman: AKA Captain Peter M Smith said...

very kool ... i love the views from outer space ... great blog posting