Saturday, August 16, 2008

We're Invited!!!

It's been a long week and weekend!

Camping was a lot of fun, we were able to see Brett's family and spend time hanging out at the campground, biking and boating at Itasca.

Then on Tues. morning we called our placement officer to find out what's going on. She told Brett the program we were nominated for is full, and she'd look for a new program for us but the earliest would be Jan. 09!! I was shocked, we'd been planning on leaving in Oct. since the beginning of the year, and waiting to hear!

On Wed. I called again to let her know we wanted to leave sooner rather than later, and she still said our program was full but she couldn't rule out Oct. yet and she'd look at our file in the next couple of days.

And yesterday I got a message on my phone saying we were very lucky and she was able to get us into the south pacific islands leaving in Oct!!!! And we should have the invite in a few days! I'm really excited, it all worked out for us! But not without days of agonizing waiting and thinking we could end up anywhere in the world, I'm really excited it's still the south pacific. We'll find out the country and job assignments when we get the invite in the mail.

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