Wednesday, September 24, 2008


We leave in less than two weeks now! It's starting to feel more real, and I'm realizing we have to say bye to so many people it will be hard! We're having a going-away get together on Friday so we'll see a lot of family and friends then.

How do you pack for two years in a foreign country? There's a lot of suggested packing lists we've been looking at and advice from people that are already in Tonga.

Here's a few things we've gotten so far:
batteries and battery charger
digital camera
lap top (should be here tomorrow in the mail!)
lots of extra supplies - shampoo, contact solution, etc.
small tent for camping
2 small sleeping bags
kool aid - to make the water taste better
jolly ranchers/granola bars
2 rolling duffle bags to check
guitar for Brett
Clothes - I have a lot of long skirts, button up shirts, and t-shirts. Brett has shorts and t-shirts. And we'll each bring a rain jacket and a couple of warmer sweatshirts/pants.

We'll have to try packing everything soon and weighing it. I've been sleeping in almost everyday, we were in duluth for my grandma's 80th birthday this last weekend, and my sister's been in town for the last week and all of this week.


Anonymous said...

The last few days fly by pretty quick, but the other PCV's out here are all looking forward to group 74. Tonga is a great place.
Please say hello to the north woods, and fall for me before you go.
As for packing, no matter what you pack, you'll have forgotten (or not known of) things to bring, and brought plenty of things you don't need. Just don't let it stress you too much, because you can get almost everything you need here.
Best wishes and see you soon.
Jason grp 73

Kate and Brett said...

Thanks, we're trying not to stress too much over packing! We'll see you when we get there, we're so excited to meet everyone!!