Saturday, September 13, 2008


Our staging materials came in the mail yesterday, and we found out we lost a day - we leave a day earlier than we thought.

We just booked our flight to LA on Oct. 6th, we stay over one night and have orientation all day on the 7th, then fly out around eleven at night to leave for Tonga!

We've been going over the introductory Tongan we got in the mail, here's a few of my favorite phrases so far:

Fakamolemole - sorry
Faka 'ofa - oh how sad
Pulelulu - Wednesday
Malo lelei - hi

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Mark said...

Malo e lelei. Fefe hake? Toto atu?

Congratulations on Tonga. My wife and I were stationed there from 02-04 and had a great time. You can check out our blog, although you'll need to dig into the archives since a bunch has happened since then -

If you have any questions or want to hear some war stories, you can email us at mepc at fastmail dot fm