Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jobless & Homeless

We're now homeless and jobless, just waiting to leave on Oct. 7th! Last Wed. was my last day at CL, and Brett was done on Tuesday, and we're all moved into my parents house. It just feels like we have a lot of time now after being used to a busy work schedule. And most of our stuff is in boxes so it's hard to find anything, I hope it stays warmer out this month so I don't have to dig for winter clothes!

We've started to think about packing, we bought a really cheap, small tent at Target and some more clothes. We still need to get a laptop to bring with us.

And today we recieved a small packet from peace corps - an introduction to the Tongan language, it came with a CD so now we'll get to hear how Tongan sounds! And our orientation/staging is in LA like we thought, we'll get our staging packet 2-3 weeks before we leave.

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