Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ahh, technology

Just a few minutes ago we got the Internet connected and working at our house!!!! It was an exciting moment, seeing the google page load here at our dining room table. The Fisheries office that I work for next door just got money to get wireless Internet connected in their office, but the signal was too weak to reach our house. So we ran a new cable over to the office (there was an old broken one) and connected it to their router and now we have access to the Internet here! It's very slow right now, we'll see how it runs in the next few days. But it's really nice to have it here and not have to go to the office (even though that's practically next door).

(view from our computer at home)

And I just pulled cookies out of the oven, it's been a good evening. But don't think we're spoiled here now with Internet, we still have freezing cold showers, hard jobs sometimes, and have to cook everything from scratch, etc. Last night we made pizza with the last of our green peppers, and tonight we're making a tomato sauce pasta.

Also today and yesterday my first computer classes with the employees from MAFF (ministry of agriculture, forestery, and fisheries) were successful. I had over half of the employees turn up and on time, a few didn't make it because of a funeral which is expected. I have two classes on Mondays and three on Tuesdays, each with 2 or 3 students. I was able to show them some basics on the computer, a lot of them had never touched a computer before in their lives. I also have a typing program I'm starting with some of the students. It was cool to see how excited some of them looked using a computer for the first time, something you never really see back home. And I did all the classes on the one working computer in the lab, the others aren't working because the power is off in most of the computer lab, hopefully that will be fixed for next week. Tomorrow I'm working on getting the community classes set up with the computer training center, so I'm getting busier now with my work schedule. Brett has been teaching at the school, mornings only when they have English classes. But it takes time in the afternoons and evenings for him to prepare lessons for the next day.

Keep in touch, we'll most likely be online more often now!

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Allotment Widow said...

Again - things have moved on since the eighties! When we wanted to ring home we had to walk down to cable and wireless, wait maybe an hour for a connection (sometimes it didnt happen at all) and then pay the operator for whatever time we had used making phone calls from a booth in the cable and wireless office. Shortly before I left in 1989 we got a phone in the house and the number was 27.