Saturday, April 18, 2009

Over-turned sea turtles and fiery sunsets

Last night was a pretty sunset, the sun's path has been moving pretty quickly lately. For a long time the sun set more to the south by the wharf, now it's setting just about behind Kao, the volcanic cone-shaped island straight out from our back door. And it's setting earlier, around 6:30 instead of 7:00pm. It only changes by about an hour the whole year.

Our American dinner party was successful after a near-disaster of the propane tank running out that powers our oven/stove! We had just prepared all the food, it was raw and ready to be cooked, and the burners just fizzled out. This was the first time it's run out for us. Luckily the guy was still at the propane tanks by the wharf and Brett was able to bring our tank over to be filled. So we finished all the food for the 11 of us eating, it was a good time.

Yesterday Brett's school had a konsetti (concert), a dance concert with all the kids performing for parents and the PTA to raise money for the school for new supplies, like a really expensive copy machine. They had spent all week rehearsing, Eric, Brett and I went to watch the show Friday morning. It was quite a big deal, with all the moms and some younger siblings and others watching, the moms dressing up their school kids in all sorts of traditional costumes - colorful flower clothes wrapped around the boys as skirts and girls as full dresses, grass skirts on the boys and some girls, grass anklet bracelets, lots of flowers both real and fake, and some tapa/woven clothes wrapped around girls doing the ta'alunga dance. They had a tent and sound system rented out as well. When the dancing started we moved up closer, the youngest kids stood there and moved their feet a little, as people went up and gave them money for the flower bouqets they were holding. As the kids performing got older they were better dancers, some were pretty amazing with the accuracy and detailed movements of their hands and feet. The boys move the most in tongan dances, stomping around and twirling, the girls mostly stay in one place and use a lot of pretty hand movements.

Eric and Melanie left today on the boat to go back to their little island, we saw them off at the wharf. Amoung all the luggage and crates of pigs getting loaded onto the boat there was an over-turned huge sea turtle that was still alive. At first it looked dead, but you could see it breathing, then once it awhile it freaked out and tried moving it's flippers all around. They are stuck upside down and can't flip back over. I felt really bad for him, I would've turned him over and pushed him into the harbour if there hadn't been so many people around and I'm sure they're worth a lot of money. The way they were shipping him was just that they'd written the name and city of the person recieving the turtle on the main island on the under side of the turtle's shell.
So now we're back to an empty house without any guests, it's always fun having friends visit us!

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