Sunday, April 26, 2009

First Aid and Internet

So we have had internet for about a week now and we have been using it to the fullest. I have been streaming old tv episodes that have aired since we have left in the effort to catch up on tv shows I appreciated the most. To mention a couple, The Office, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Entourage. Besides Internet, this last week was a busy week. I worked a lot with the class 6 kids at my school on noticing corrections in a paragraph. We worked on noticing things that were incorrect in the paragraph and changing the incorrect word, tense, or punctuation to the correct form. Kate was busy as well with her computer center. She was able to get 6 people signed up for the class she is having next week. It will be a 5 week class, once a week where the students will learn computer basics and typing skills. I think once she has her first class the buzz will start and she will get more people wanting to participate in the class. We also attended a first aid conference this week put on by Red Cross at the local youth congress of Pangai. They had the Ha'apai Island Group Judge attend the conference as a special guest and in addtion to giving the thank you speech at the end of the meeting he address the group in English for about 5 minutes in respect for Kate and I since we were the only non Tongans attending the conference. The conference was put on to inform the local island communities about the importance of first aid and also to train the meeting attendies on first aid practices. The meeting had representatives from outer island as well from our island. The information and training they received will help them not only inform their community about first aid but also to help train and make aware of how first aid can be important in their daily lives. After the meeting ended Kate and I made our way over to Mariner's Cafe and met some other Peace Corps volunteers, JICA volunteers and some local non tongan business owners for a drink. Overall this week was interesting and surprising, just another week in Tonga.


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