Thursday, February 5, 2009

Around here

Some images of Pangai

Another view of our house, the big round cement block is our sima vie where we get all our drinking water.

Main street in town, the orange big building is a chinese shop we get groceries and supplies at.

Tallest building, the third story is where my computer lab center is where I work, second story has our peace corps office and there are two chinese shops on the first level we get our food at.

Brett's school, GPS Pangai

The liku (wild) side of Lifuka island, about a 20 minute walk from our house, it's on the opposite side of the island facing east.

The only gas station, I think in all of Ha'apai where lines form after boats come in, they almost always run out of petrol.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Brett and Kate,
We are enjoying reading your blogs. Its amazing how we can read this almost instantly.
What an experience- stolen dogs, maybe for the pot, and ants in your fridge. When the Mongs moved here dogs started to disappear. I guess it was the same story.
We both are doing fine. shirley is painting and I am skiing. It is starting to warm up some.
It is great that you have friends so close by. Makes life much more fun.
Dosen;t sound like you two are working too hard. The schedules for work and other things slow and easy. In fact when we went to NC years ago to visit friends their life was the same. that is the locals. Have a great day. We miss you.
Grandma and Grandpa