Monday, February 23, 2009

Japanese party

On Saturday we all gathered at the one restaurant/bar in town for a going-away party for Noreko who's leaving the middle of next month, she's a Japanese volunteer here. There will still be three other Japanese volunteers here after she leaves. The owner of the bar, Magda even had a bunch of snacks she made for us including sushi, fish, chips, olives, and cheese! It's nice having a place to hang out with other expats in Ha'apai here, there are about 10 of us or so from the US, Japan, Germany, Poland and Ireland that I know of.

Brett and I are both feeling better now after a long week of being sick with very high temps. And I'm starting to work now with MAFF/the Fisheries helping out with little things and they mentioned if I want I might get to go on a trip to some outer islands later this spring for some meetings/workshops. I still am just waiting to figure out the computer center now, getting a counterpart to work with after talking with Peace Corps about it. Brett is starting to teach at his school this week. The photo below is from Valentines day at the beach on Foa.

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