Saturday, February 7, 2009

Life as usual

Things have been going good here, same routines now. Me not working still and Brett going to his school every morning and done at lunch time. My counterpart for the computer center is back from the capital, but one day she decided to do her laundry instead of coming into work, and yesterday she was sick and still finishing laundry. That's Tonga for you. Maybe next week I'll start working there, and the new officer in charge at my job at MAFF is supposed to be here soon. I also met with the Ha'apai Youth Congress and might help out there once in awhile too with english/editing for their reports and proposals for getting grants, and some help with reporting on workshops here and around some of the islands. They're pretty well organized so they just need a little extra help in these areas.

Last week on Wed. someone from peace corps came up to help sort out some problems Alicia was having with her site and school, and that same day within hours of being in town they moved her out of her site here in Pangai and to where her original site was supposed to be (a smaller village close by). So we went to her house here and had her all packed and moved out within an hour, moved all her stuff to our house until her house was ready in her new village a couple days later. So far it's going really good for her in the new village, and we're really happy she didn't have to move too far, so there's still us, Phil a volunteer that's been here for a year, and Alicia on our island, and Sarah just north of us. There are also 4 japanese volunteers in town that are really nice, they had us all over for dinner last weekend.

We recently discovered that the ant population in our house can now get INTO our refridgerater!! They can get through the seal. So we're coming up with a plan to put the fridge up on a small table if we can find one and put tin cans with water on each leg so they can't get to the fridge. There have only been a few inside but it could get bad if we don't do something. It has been incredibly hot here lately as well.

We had a good find at the market a few days ago - green peppers! And this morning we heard the fish whistle so Brett ran out and bought a couple kilos of fish, for being on an island it's sometimes pretty hard to buy fish here! Some people come in from outer islands and drive slowly through town blowing a whistle, selling fish out of their cooler in the back.

Keep in touch, we love hearing from people back home!

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