Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sick in Tonga

Kate and I have been feeling a bit under the weather this week. On Sunday we started to get that sick feeling and by Monday we both had temps and were not feeling the best. We talked with the Peace Corp nurse and she thinks we have Dengue Fever or a Flu bug that is going around, but she is weighing more on Dengue, we will have to see when they do a test next time we are on the main island. So over the past couple days Kate and I have just been resting and drinking a lot of water. The only thing you can do for Dengue or the Flu is to just get rest and drink a lot of fluids, so that is our plan. Today I was feeling a little better, not 100%, but I made my way over to the Peace Corp office to check email and write this blog. Once we are feeling better we will have to blog more about our experience with being sick in Tonga, its not fun.
Have a great week.

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