Monday, January 5, 2009

Church, lu and ufi

We went to the church of tonga today, it was pretty good, really loud singing. Then our neighbor came over with a plate of lu sipi and ufi for us, which was really nice of them! Lu sipi is mutton cooked in a big taro leaf underground in an umu oven. And ufi is a big hunk of yam. We mashed up the ufi and added butter and garlic salt and it wasn't bad. The tongans just eat the huge hunks of root crops with no seasoning or anything. All the stores are closed today since it's Sunday, except for the bakery so we'll go buy bread later today.

Yesterday we did more cleaning and sewed four new curtains for our living room area with fabric we had from Nuku'alofa. A couple of the little neighbor boys were playing in the yard area with the puppies, the youngest neighbor boy is almost always naked! They don't speak much if any English, and come right up to our stairs just watching us, or they bring the puppies to us. We also watched new episodes of The Office from back home, thanks mom and dad for sending that DVD! On Monday I think I'm meeting with my two workplaces to figure out my schedule, I'm confused on what I'm supposed to be doing so hopefully it will be clearer tomorrow.

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