Friday, January 9, 2009

Lazy, rainy days

The last two days have been really rainy and windy. The puppies all moved to the side of our house where there's a little more shelter from the wind off the ocean. We lost one more of the littlest ones, so down to 10 puppies now.

And shopping lately has been hit or miss. We got bread, which isn't always available, and amazingly got pinneapples at the little market (a couple of long tables that sometimes have root crops or fruit on them). At the market they sell the root crops and fruit in piles. But we ran out of eggs, and heard there won't be more until next week. And it's funny the way you buy some things here. They get bulk shipments in, then divide them up into smaller portions to sell - like flour and sugar you buy in little plastic baggies that aren't marked at all. And once in awhile we can find ice cream. There's usually a bigger selection right after the boat comes in once a week or so. The Internet isn't always working here either, it's up most of the time but sometimes it will be down for half a day or so.

I kinda started working a little, at the ha'apai training center, not yet at MAFF (ministry of food, forestry and agriculture), the new officer in charge hasn't started there yet so I have to wait for him to be here. At the training center I just went in and checked on all the computers and did a few updates. The owner sent his nephews to help me, because his daughter - my counterpart for working there, has been sick. I'll probably be setting up and teaching some basic computer classes to adults/youth in the evenings, and maybe bringing in some classes from schools during the day for English programs on the computers. Brett won't start working until the end of the month, he's just been hanging out, watching movies.

This weekend we might bike up to Foa to check out the beaches by the resorts there. And next week the couple from one of the outer islands is coming in to Pangai and hanging out for a week.

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