Sunday, January 18, 2009

Here comes the sun

It was really nice and hot out today! We biked all the way up to Matafonua beach resort/beach on the northern tip of Foa island, it took about an hour to bike there but was well worth it. The bike ride was pretty, going across the airport runway where the road divides it, and the land bridge between Lifuka and Foa. The beach at Matafonua was gorgeous, turquoise-colored water and really sandy beach and swimming area. Sarah met us there, her village from Foa was there having a picnic so there were lots of Tongans around that ruined my chance of wearing my palangi swimsuit, but was still a lot of fun. We ate at the restaurant there, really good pizza and nice ocean view, and swam with the kids from Sarah's village. Before we got in the water, there was a big commotion, a young tongan girl was swept out by the current and had to be pulled in.

Earlier this morning Brett went with our neighbor to the bush and helped him pull out a few ufi and pele (yam and vegetable that's like lettuce). Tomorrow is Brett's birthday! There's not much to do in Tonga on Sundays, we'll probably go to church and then afterwards there's a feast again with the Weslyn church.

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