Friday, January 16, 2009

Gale Winds

Gale winds, yes thats what I said. The local weather has been very crazy over the last week. We have had a lot of rain and recently we had a gale winds advisory from the Fiji weather service. The winds were up to 50 knots at times. I was afraid if I walked outside I might get picked up and tossed over to Samoa or somthing like that. We have been inside most of this week since the weather has not been cooperating. Last night the winds were really high I th0ught at times that our house might blow away but it stayed strong. On the upside we figured out how to make homemade pizza, that really made our day. Here in tonga we do not always have the best of choices with food so when we figured out how to get ingredients for pizza and how to make it we were very excited, I feel a bit more American today because of that.

P.S. We caught the mouse.


Flooding from waves around the Fisheries office building, standing next to it is our neighbor Silosi.

Standing on the wharf with waves coming over the edge, looking towards Fisheries and the clump of trees is where our house is.

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